Visual inspection

We highlight the various anomalies by operating in dangerous and difficult to access areas

Aerial visual inspection

technical drone inspection france

Photography and video report: we intervene to visualize the disturbances and disasters in all types of environments.

We identify the state of your project by capturing the data that will be used for maintenance, work, valuation, transfer or acquisition.

From pre-construction studies to site monitoring, maintenance or disaster recovery, the opportunities for inspections vary according to each profession: architect, civil engineering, design office, asset management, facility management, etc.

Inspection of roofs and building walls

The drone is an ideal tool to make an inventory of your roofs and walls. It avoids having to use scaffolding, platforms or rope access, thus reducing the cost and time of intervention.

The photographic sensors we use allow us to clearly see the defects requiring maintenance.

Visuel zoom

Disaster inspection


Fires, explosions, hail and decrees regarding danger justify the intervention of a drone to allow you to qualify and quantify the damages in order to identify the necessary repairs and salvage solutions.

Thanks to drones, the extent of the damage and its danger are no longer an obstacle for the policyholder, the expert or the company.

Inspection in a confined space

The inability for humans to intervene can be circumvented with the intervention of a caged drone.

A small crawl space, a silo, a narrow vent, a structure with very high interior, a dangerous disaster can be visited using a specialized drone for non-destructive visual inspections.

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Your drone visual inspection project anywhere in France

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