Aerial thermography

We highlight thermal anomalies and defects invisible to the naked eye.

Infrared thermographic detection

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The thermographic capture by drone enables the detection of local thermal variations, and thus to visualize insulation defects that may be ignored, or to highlight defects that are already suspected.

The result displayed for a specific pointwill depend on its temperature, but also on the reflective properties of its surface.

Our partner thermicians analyze and interpret the infrared images to give you a turnkey report.

Our intervention method


We study your request and determine the mode of intervention.

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The pilot in charge of your project takes the pictures on site in total safety.


We process your data according to your needs with our thermician.


We provide you with your deliverables via a download link.

thermographic study of buildings

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The observation of a building envelope with a thermographic camera is carried out in order to :

  • to search for repetitive constructive defects (thermal bridges, air infiltration, etc.)
  • to detect potential punctual anomalies

The intervention by drone enables us to observe the entire building’s facades and roofs in a short time.

Photovoltaic farms

The thermography by drone enables us to detect the hot spots on the cells of the photovoltaic panels, sources of damage and decreases in efficiency.

In post-processing, the observed defects are located on an orthophoto or a plan to guide the maintenance teams.

On-site data acquisition time is minimized by the operational efficiency of the drone.

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Your drone thermography anywhere in France

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