Technical drone inspection

We use drones to perform technical inspection reports using HD cameras or thermal sensors.

Visualize reality

Drones are an ideal means to carry out technical inspection missions in large or difficult to access areas such as roofs or engineering structures. ts implementation is fast and much less expensive than the use of platforms or scaffolding. Drones can carry different types of sensors depending on the mission objective.

Visual inspection

Photographic and video report: we intervene to visualize defects and damages in dangerous and difficult to access environments

Infrared thermography

Thermographic image and thermal report: we highlight the temperature differentials of buildings and technical infrastructures.


3D mapping and orthophotos: we reconstitute accurate and reliable 3D models from photogrammetric captures made by drone.

The advantages of drones


Flying a drone is less expensive than using an aerial platform or scaffolding


The quality of the aerial images allows everyone involved to assess the on-site situation.


Drones enable access to dangerous areas without risk to humans.

Aerial visual inspection

Inspection of roof & walls

Claim statement


Confined space inspection

Visuel zoom

We take photos and videos of your infrastructure to provide you with a report highlighting the various anomalies found on site.

Our network of drone pilots

Our network gathers professional drone pilots approved and declared to the DGAC (Direction Générale de l’Aviation Civile).

We operate throughout France and Europe in compliance with the regulations in force.

For each flight, we study the area of intervention and take care the administrative paperwork with the relevant authorities.

Green light

Aerial thermography

visuel thermographie drone paris

Carrying out thermographic shots by drone makes it possible to highlight thermal anomalies on buildings or technical faults on installations such as solar panels.




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