We specialize in

Reality Capture

  • Virtual Tours

  • 3D Surveys

  • 3D Models & DWG Drawings

  • Technical Inspections via Drones

We digitize environments using various technical processes to access, visualize, measure, understand and manage.


We digitize reality

Our profession lies halfway between a photographer and a surveyor. We capture reality with drones and 3D scanners andwork with marketing-related topics of space enhancement as well as on the creation of plans, BIM models and the performance of technical inspections.


Virtual Tours

Matterport, Google StreetView, 360° Virtual Tour…. We use all the latest technologies to create a virtual tour to highlight your spaces.


3D Surveys

Laser, photogrammetry, structured light… We select the most appropriate 3D scanning method to produce reliable and accurate point clouds.


3D models & 2D plans

Revit, Sketchup, AutoCad, ArchiCad, Rhino… We reprocess your point clouds to produce architectural drawings and turnkey 3D BIM models.


Technical Inspections

Aerial inspections, confined space inspections, thermographic surveys via drone, multispectral image captures… We conduct your technical studies.

Examples of reality capture applications

Chalet Le Grenier Consensio 12122018 120443 scaled

Creation of a 3D virtual tour

To facilitate the rental of this exceptional chalet, we have created a 3D virtual tour.

maquette bim lod300 monastere scaled

Creation of a 3D BIM model

From an aerial photogrammetric capture, we created a BIM model for the rehabilitation of this site.

releve 3D drone chateau menthon scaled

3D survey via photogrammetry

This 3D reconstruction of the Château de Menthon St Bernard was created via photogrammetry by compiling thousands of drone photos.

visite 360 drone scaled

Creation of a 360° drone tour

In order to highlight this logistical site, we conducted a 360° virtual visit with a drone and reflex camera.

Clary Plans Coupes Facades Cotes A0 100 Plan RDC

Creation of plans for the existing

As part of the rehabilitation of Clay Castle, we 3D scanned the entire estate to produce site plans.

Areas of application for Reality Capture

Real Estate

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Asset Management


  • Hotels
  • Seasonal Rentals
  • Stores/Showrooms


  • Scenography
  • Event Spaces
  • Museums


  • Architect
  • Project Manager
  • Design Office

And also

  • Manufacturers
  • Warehouses
  • Technical Infrastructure


Our passion for new technologies is our main driving force. Since our company’s founding in 2015, we’ve consistently tested the latest innovations to bring you the most advanced technologies in the field of reality capture.

For projects with an aesthetic slant, we advise you on the various possible virtual visit technologies. We take great care how we shoot in order to highlight all types of spaces. We are an approved Google Trusted Photographer and Matterport Service Provider in France.

For 3D survey projects, we can advise you on the various 3D scanning methods to meet your needs. We perform rigorous captures to create accurate and reliable 3D models. We are an accredited Revit Professional User.

All our projects include a web player which allows you to view and share your 3D models via a simple browser.

Your reality capture project anywhere in France

Lookin3D is located between Paris and Annecy with a network of professionals in several regions throughout France. Contact us!

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