2D Projection & DWG layout plans

We create 2D Autocad documents from 3D captures

Creation of .dwg documents in Autocad

DWG is the native AutoCAD format, the most widely used computer-aided design software for architects, surveyors, project managers and engineering firms. It has become a standard compatible with many softwares.

Unlike a 3D model, dwg represent only a part of a building in a 2D plane, for example the height and length of a wall. They are very easy to handle and are a prerequisite for any building renovation project.

2D projection and 3D scan

We create 2D documents from point clouds.

The realization of a 2D DWG projection from a 3D scan is manual work where the point cloud is used as a layer to trace the elements of the building contained in the same plane.

After drawing an element according to its morphology, we assign it a layer

The quality of a 2D DWG document from a 3D scan depends on the accuracyof the point cloud and the level of representation.

releve 3d laser facade pointcloudplan dwg autocad de facade

Example of a DWG drawing

3D laser survey

2D DWG Projection

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